• Prajakt Karanjkar

Why AI for Customer Support is the Way Forward

ai for customer support
AI is the future of customer support.

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made its way into various industries now. Thanks to its super efficiency and affordability, businesses are leveraging AI slowly and steadily.

AI has impacted the customer support sector too. Its lightning-fast functionalities and an ability to keep Support activities live 24/7 have been proving amazingly helpful for businesses. According to Gartner, the AI business value has soared to a whopping $.19 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow on similar lines in the coming years. No wonder, IDC states, since 2018 businesses are spending most on chatbots and AI-enabled customer service tools.

In this piece, let’s shed some light on why the industry is turning to AI and why it’s future.

It’s important to understand how AI enhances customer experience to rightly know the massive slant to AI.

How AI is Enhancing Customer Experience

Let’s discuss the top three aspects of artificial intelligence that help take customer experience to the next level.


Building a personalized customer experience is the key to any business’s success. With AI, you can bring personalization to the forefront of your business strategy. AI also enables you to make your customers make purchases with fingerprints or face recognition.

Creating personalized emails with AI helps you to get increased customer engagement.

Protective Measures

AI-enabled tech like chatbots helps your customers get rid of problems even before they appear. Your customers can interact with chatbots to get relevant information even before they raise any issue. Thus, helps you increase customer satisfaction like never before.

Sales Streamlining

Chatbots also help you streamline the buying process. While live-chat reps may confuse customers due to manual errors, chatbots make the entire journey pain-free. As customers look forward to processes that are simple and easy, AI helps you improve your brand image by providing one.

Businesses are looking at benefits like these and leveraging AI into their customer support to make sure they are not behind in the race. As customer experience is at the center of your business’s growth and AI is able to help you in that, AI will be the driving force in the industry.

Let’s look at the top 3 AI-enabled trends to look for in customer support.

Top 3 AI Trends to Look for In Customer Support

Chatbots will Continue to Dominate

Chatbots have become an integral part of customer support. According to an estimate, 91% of customers make chatbots a part of their lives by 2021. It’s predicted to evolve more in the coming years due to its affordability and ability to cut labor costs.

Chatbots to get additional technologies to make them even more efficient. Speech recognition is the one on cards to understand user behavior and provide more personalized service.

Automated Replies to Cut Response Time Massively

Automated replies help give faster responses to customers. Most of the time, customers make frequently asked questions that need to be answered immediately. AI helps you to identify these FAQs and you can create a FAQ page with the help of your help desk software to respond faster.

AI to Improve Customer Journeys

Building a marketing intelligence to serve your customers with the right information at the right time and in the right place. That’s where artificial intelligence helps you. It helps you gain a better understanding of how the customer journey can be improved by leveraging machine learning. No wonder, more businesses nowadays are launching machine learning-enabled marketing campaigns.

Final Thoughts

Customer satisfaction and customer experience go hand in hand and helps you improve your customer support. Introducing artificial intelligence not only improves your customer experience but gives you deeper insights into how you can retain your customers.

Businesses are stressing more on intelligence and artificial intelligence has taken the center stage when it comes to customer support. Pick the above-mentioned benefits and trends to implement AI into your customer support and get your business ready for the future.